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Strangers Find Way to Help Stressed Mom

One of the worst things a parent could face is having to take his or her child to the emergency room, but that is what one Canadian woman had to do when her 6-week-old son was diagnosed with a loop in his bowels that was filling with air and fluid, as reported on Today Parents.

Kaylee Goemans rushed her baby to the emergency room, but couldn't afford the $15 parking fee, instead choosing to park at a meter. She thought it would be a quick trip, and it ended up taking much longer, with Goemans worrying that soon enough she'd get a ticket or, even worse, her car would get towed. But like any mother would do, she refused to leave her son, and took to social media for help, posting to a Facebook group she belonged in which she explained her ordeal.

"Women just started pouring in, asking what car I drove and where I was parked to put change in for me," Goemans told Today. While she was with her baby in the ER, women in her hometown of Barrie, Ontario, were taking time out of their own schedule to feed her meter and encourage her online.

"I live just around the corner from the hospital so if you need anything at all pls don't hesitate to contact me anytime! If your meter is running out or you just need a coffee or some food!!! Hoping all goes well and your baby gets well very soon!!" Rachel Banks commented on the Facebook page.

"Two more hours added no need to worry about that. Give baby a hug from me," wrote Stephanie Goguen.

Goemans was especially thankful because not only did she get to stay with her son, but she was able to breathe a sigh of relief knowing that she wouldn't have to pay a hefty ticket or the fee for getting towed. The mother of three had lost her job when she was 28 weeks pregnant, and she said no one wanted to hire her while she was carrying. Money was tight.

"My day was turned upside down when I was told to go to the ER immediately," Goemans told Today. "You're terrified. And the stress of seeing so many doctors, poking and hooking your baby up to wires and drawing blood, is just heartbreaking."

But with more than 100 comments encouraging Goemans after she posted her plea, what started out as a terrible day ended up being much more manageable.

"Knowing I had all these ladies there for me, to help me with parking, meals and even hugs made me able to focus just on my son and his needs," she said.

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