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The Life-Saving Request a Mom Blogger Finally Made

Recently, writer Glennon of the well known blog Momastery took to Facebook and posted that she and her husband had vowed to stop using their phones while driving. I saw that she had received a lot of likes and shares and I was thrilled. Thrilled!

Fellow road safety advocates like myself were liking and posting on her post, thanking her for bringing attention to this. Moms like Laurie Hevier, whose own mom was struck by a texting, speeding teen at over 70 mph. The driver never even hit the brakes and his penalty was a ticket for less the $50.

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I saw fellow Los Angeles mom Jeri Dye Lynch comment. Jeri's beautiful son, Conor, was killed while running cross country. He was struck by a distracted driver.

For years these women and I have been trying to get the word out about distracted driving. Here is a low budget PSA I made.

I've been trying to reach the mom blogging world, but what can we do? Talk about it. Set an example.

Thank you, Glennon, for doing just this. Even if you are just now putting your phone away, thank you.

Glennon started the post by saying, "Can I have a minute of your time? It's important. It's about cell phones and driving. There's a commercial making the rounds about this that I'm not going to post in case it's triggering—but I need to say this: I'm scared, you guys."

I will post the video. Here it is.

I want it to trigger.

The commercial she is talking about is part of AT&T's powerful It Can Wait campaign. It's disturbing but I'm disturbed daily by people texting and talking on their phones while driving.

Glennon goes on to say, "GOOD people like you and me are killing their families. Killing strangers. The statistics are terrifying. They didn't think it would be them. None of them thought that it would be them who caused the wreck they can never, ever take back."

This is the truth. A lot of kind people are ending the lives of others.

We have to start clumping phone usage and other forms of distracted driving in with drinking and driving. Look what MADD has done for drunk driving. We moms need to use our voices and start calling out the craziness that is using your phone while driving. Car crashes are the No. 1 cause of death to our young, and yet most car crashes are avoidable.

Thank you, Glennon, from the road safety advocates of the world! I hope this starts a trend of mom bloggers talking about road safety—beyond just buying a "safe car" or the best car seat. Talk to your kids about how many people die in car crashes. I do. My kids are 8, 5 and 3.

Why do I do it? Because we have the same conversation about water. We have a pool. Everyone agrees swim lessons are mandatory when you have a pool—that and a fence and the fact that you have to be incredibly careful. Yet, when we get in our cars, we drive off and get on our phones while driving.

Glennon said to her husband in the post, " I told him how close to impossible it would be for me to forgive him if something ever happened to our children because he was looking at his phone. An accident is an accident—but texting and driving (or "checking" and driving) is no accident. I was just being honest. He said he felt the same way. So we wrote up a contract to protect ourselves from our own compulsivity and curiosity and human nature. We wrote up a contract to protect ourselves, our marriage, our children and other people's children."

Please listen to Glennon.

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We road safety advocates do not call car accidents "accidents," because they are crashes. They are mostly avoidable. They are no accident.

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