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Yet Another Reason Dogs Are Awesome

Having a pet can make you a better neighbor. A new study is telling us what we already know — pets help us connect to other people.

Researchers at the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition and the University of Western Australia examined the influence of pets in three specific areas: getting to know people, forming friendships and developing social support networks.

They called more than 600 randomly selected residents in Portland, San Diego, Nashville and Perth, Australia. They questioned the participants about the type of pets they owned and the role their pet had, if any, in developing relationships. If their pet did have an influence, researchers also wanted to know about the exact type of social support coming from that relationship.

The results showed that the types of relationships range from a fleeting social interaction to budding friendships. They also stated that pet owners are significantly more inclined to get to know their neighbors than people without pets.

People were even more likely to meet through their pets than through their children's school. Walking your dog is considered to be one of the top five ways to meet new people.

All in all, staying active with a dog is an excellent way to make friends. Sign us up!

Image via Twenty20/j9buckles

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