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Glamour Magazine Has Pissed Off Thousands of Women With 'Sexist' List

Wife serving dinner to husband
Photograph by Getty Images

Apparently, we've gone back in time, and no one told us. Glamour magazine is coming under fire for publishing a list reminiscent of a past decade of ways a woman can "lock down" a man.

Glamour U.S. posted "13 Little Things That Can Make a Man Fall Hard for You" on their website with the intro stating, "If you're wondering about what would make a guy swoon — as in, romantic little gestures that would make him fall even more in love with you — take a look at these 13 ideas that are all but guaranteed to lock him down."

Image via Glamour

Thousands of Twitter users expressed their outrage at such a sexist list that included suggestions like making him a snack after sex or waiting with a cold beer as he steps out of the shower.

Men and women alike were disgusted by such a misogynistic list, claiming it to be offensive and outdated.

Glamour U.S. has since taken the post down from their website, writing an apologetic response to the negative feedback. "We've been taking some heat for a post on man-pleasing tips that ran here a few days ago —and honestly, we kinda asked for it," Glamour wrote.

What do you think of Glamour's list? Does it outrage you as much as everyone on Twitter?

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