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Severe Sunburns Send Kids to Hospital

A fun day at the water park tuned into an emergency trip to the hospital for two brothers when their daycare ran out of sunscreen, as reported by Daily Mail.

Shaunna Broadway, 26, of Vinita, Oklahoma, was shocked when her children Conner Harvey, 7, and Tray Wells, 5, became covered in painful blisters from their sunburns.

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Broadway took her boys to a Tulsa hospital but was told that the kids needed to be flown immediately to Shriner's Hospital for Children in Galveston, Texas, because of the severity of their condition. Tray was determined to have second-degree sunburns while his brother Conner, who has paler skin and red hair, suffered third-degree burns.

The boys are expected to be in Galveston for up to five days, and their mother says that she just wants the daycare to take responsibility for the injuries, having filed a police report about the incident. Department of Human Services is also investigating.

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"Right's right, and wrong's wrong, and there's no excuse for this," she said. "I'm a single parent, and I do all I can. I work Monday through Friday, and they have to go to daycare."

Luckily, no other children were reported to have suffered such serious burns. But it's a good reminder to always put sunscreen on your child, and to pack an extra supply if you're dropping your kid off at daycare.

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Images via Daily Mail

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