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Father Covers for Son's Terrible Crime

How far would you go to protect your child? What if he or she did something terrible? What if your kid wasn't a kid at all, but an adult?

Juan G. Silva, 45, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was willing to go to jail so that his son, Juan G. Silva Jr., now 22, could avoid hard time for being behind the wheel in a fatal hit-and-run incident that left one man dead and a woman severely injured. As reported by the Journal Sentinel, Silva Sr. turned himself in to police the day after the crash and stuck by his story until police finally uncovered the truth more than a year after the incident occurred.

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The lie began to unravel when a coworker of Claudia Sanchez, the senior Silva's wife, told police that Sanchez said her husband was in jail to cover for their son, who was really the driver in the deadly accident. Police then interviewed Sanchez, who gave them the full story. Then Silva Jr. confessed, and was subsequently charged with three felony counts, including hit-and-run resulting in death.

The senior Silva was informed of his son's confession while in jail. On Monday, a judge vacated the sentence of the elder Silva, who said his son was hysterical when recounting the hit-and-run story, believing initially that he had hit a dog. Because he didn't want his son to experience jail, the senior Silva took the blame, and told police the accident occurred due to faulty windshield wipers and being on his cellphone.

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But even with the truth out, the surviving victim remains traumatized by the events of that terrible night.

"The anger, hate, sorrow, depression, PTSD, guilt, even the physical pain from my broken ribs came back to me when I heard this sickening news," said Angalee Jacobs, 43, who suffered a broken leg, broken ribs, torn ligaments in her knee and developed a gash on her head that required nine staples to close. "I am in total shock we have to go through this again."

The senior Silva could be released in the next few days, but Jacobs doesn't feel any better about the situation.

"What kind of parent does that?" she questioned.

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Image via the Journal Sentinel/Michael Sears

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