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Man Reunited With Dog After Year Apart

It's a doggone good day when a person can be reunited with his or her best pal, which is what happened to one man when he was able to reunite with his pooch a year after giving it up.

As the Daily Mail reports, this Missouri resident turned his pet over to the Great Plains SPCA when he lost his job and house. Without the means to care for his beloved dog Reece, he made the difficult decision to turn the animal over to his local shelter.

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But during the next year, the man was able to get his life back in order, and decided to look Reece up. Turns out that the dog had returned to the shelter after its new home didn't work out. This time around the first owner was able to care for the dog, and rushed to the shelter to reclaim it.

"The dog remembered him. The dog knew him. The owner's still in love with him. So it's real incredible," Rachel Hodgson of Great Plains SPCA said. "We didn't have to worry about the home he was going to."

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Image via Daily Mail/Great Plains SPCA

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