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Parents Break Into Day Care to Rescue Child Workers Left Behind

A Houston mom is still in shock after organizing a break in to rescue her 10-month-old son Jordan, who was left behind after his day care center closed.

Sharonda Ross, 30, to ABC News that the daycare center closes at 6 p.m. but had extended their closing time to accommodate her work schedule. She works a shift as a security guard which ends at the same time.

"They always had an understanding that me and other parents get off at six and can come directly to the daycare," Ross said.

On Monday when she arrived at the daycare, the parking lot was empty and the building was locked. She immediately called the daycare center but there was no answer.

She then drove home thinking that her husband had picked up her son but when she saw that he had not they both rushed back to the daycare center and banged on the door. They then heard crying from inside.

"I was thinking this isn't happening. I'm dreaming," she told ABC News. "I'm going to wake up and it's going to be a dream. I'm just at a loss for words."

As her husband broke into the daycare center to rescue the tot, Ross filmed the incident with her camera phone. The footage shows her husband breaking the glass of the day care window and retrieving their son Jordan who stopped crying as soon as he was in his father's arms.

Representatives from the center apologized for the incident, yet they say the worker who forgot the child will not be fired.

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