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Micropreemie Finally Goes Home

Imagine being the parents of a baby who spent almost the entire first year of his life in the NICU, and then imagine being them on the day he's finally released to go home. The joy must be indescribable. And that's exactly what the Froleck family is experiencing.

Trevor Froleck was born a micropreemie, delivered at just 23 weeks last December and weighing just a little over a pound. He was immediately placed in the neo intensive care unit at a Fargo, North Dakota, hospital and fought for his life. Like many premature babies, Trevor couldn't breathe on his own and required life support. His dad, Bo Frolek, even requested that his newborn be baptized just in case he didn't make it.

Well, 345 days and several surgeries and close calls later, Trevor is finally going home. Family and medical staff members threw a celebration for the now healthy 20-pound boy. His mom, Becky Froleck tells Today, "It's just a complete miracle. The doctors and nurses have worked so hard to get him to this point. It's beyond amazing,"

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Lead NICU nurse Erin Kuehl says the moment was especially bittersweet for her. "You really do get attached. You get to know the baby and the family. ... Seeing this baby almost not make it, and to have him pull through now and looking at us and smiling at us … Trevor is very special to all of our staff."

Trevor did go home with an oxygen tank and feeding tube, and will continue to be closely monitored by doctors. And while he will have to attend physical and occupational therapy, his chances of having a normal childhood are looking pretty good. And he'll already have one childhood rite of passage to go through soon: becoming a big brother.

That's right, the Frolecks are expecting their second child. Congratulations to Trevor and the entire Froleck family!

Image via the Frolek Family

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