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Fertility Study Speeds Up Baby Fever


Want to have a family? We all know that you can't let the clock tick too long, or you might end up without any kids at all.

According to new research reported on by the Daily Mail, women who want to have at least three children should start trying for kids at the age of 23, and if they want only one child they shouldn't wait past the age of 32. The advice comes from scientists who gathered fertility data from more that 58,000 women to create an at-a-glance calculator.

"Everyone thinks you can wait — this shows you can't," said professor Allan Pacey, a Sheffield University fertility expert.

Such advice comes as more and more women delay motherhood to establish their career, become financially stable or find the right partner.

The figures are averages and won't apply exactly to every woman, but doctors say they could still be very helpful for women who want to plan on having children. The researchers all warn women not to rely on IVF treatment to have children in their later years, as that's not always a guaranteed way to get pregnant.

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Image via Twenty20/przemekklos

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