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There's Now a Grumpy Puppy and We Love Him

Move over, Grumpy Cat. There's a new sheriff in town, only this time, it's a grumpy dog.

Earl the grumpy puppy is the newest face in the world of famous pets, and boy, what a face! The second-generation puggle is constantly frowning because of his underbite and wrinkles. His parents were both mixed breeds, resulting in the 5-month-old, adorable Earl.

"He has had the grumpy expression from day one. The vet said he's as healthy as any other puppy. He just looks grumpy because of his underbite, wrinkles and dark complexion," Derek Bloomfield, Earl's owner, told the Mirror.

In Earl's case, his appearance is exceptionally deceiving. The puggle is a total sweetheart who loves to cuddle with Bloomfield and his girlfriend, Christie.

"He is the most relaxed, content puppy either one of us has ever seen. Whenever he wants something, he'll calmly sit down and stare at us until we ask him the right question. Then he wags his tail in approval," Bloomfield told the Mirror.

They posted a picture of the frowning pooch on Reddit, and the image quickly went viral with more than two million views.

"We were both surprised at how quickly he went viral. The first night we were both checking the Reddit and Imgur links constantly, just to see everyone's reactions," Bloomfield told the Mirror. "We especially enjoyed the various comparisons between Earl and well known people as well as the different memes that were created."

Earl now has a Facebook page and an Instagram account, where you can follow along and see more of his adorable frowning face.

Image via earlthegrumpypuppy

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