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What You Hope Your Kids Won't Do in Interviews

Finding a job is hard enough—let alone landing an interview. But to get there, you must to have a pretty impressive résumé, one that sticks out from all the rest. And a good way to start is by determining the vast number of things you shouldn't have on your CV.

Now, frustrated job hunters are doing just that, with the trending hashtag #MyUselessResumeSkills to bring a little levity to the situation, as reported by the Daily Mail. Some of these skills include finishing a entire season of a show in two days, and stopping the microwave before the timer runs out.

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This is the kind of information you want to warn your kids not to say when they're sitting down with a potential boss. Then again, if you want to get more serious, consider the education your child is getting before planning his or her future employment. As one #MyUselessResumeSkills tagger notes, her history degree hasn't come in too handy.

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