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Women Take on Internet Troll By Having Their Cake and Eating It Too

When fashion blogger Jenny Rushmore, more commonly known as Cashmerette, posted a pic to her Instagram of a sketch she made of a voluptuous woman in a bikini with the hashtag #beachbodyready, she could never have imagined the series of events that would soon unfold. While scrolling through the comments in response to her post, Rushmore noticed one in particular, a young man telling her that he was disgusted by her body and that she should eat less cake.

And while most people would say not to feed the Internet trolls, Rushmore decided to address it head on by posting a radiant pic of herself in a maxi dress with the caption "Also to the random jerk who fat-shamed me this morning in a comment and suggest I eat less cake: As you can see from this pic, my life is just a sad mess, so I'm glad you've just helped me steer my dietary choices, cheers! #effyourbeautystandards #CakeWithCashmerette"

Fans quickly took notice and took matters into their own hands. Soon, pictures of women eating cake and various other sweet treats started popping up all over Instagram with the #CakeWithCashmerette.

As she explains on her blog, "For that is what happened. I mentioned this incident on the photo of my awesome green striped Colette Moneta maxi, and as a laugh, hashtagged it with #CakeWithCashmerette. A little while later, Mary took a photo of herself eating delicious cake while reading my blog posts with the hashtag … and then it exploded! A lady cake-eating explosion! At last check there were over 150 photos in support on Instagram, and just an overwhelming tide of support and positivity and public cake eating. It was also a definitive UP YOURS to fat-shaming, body-policing anonymous people out there."

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"Bigger women deserve to eat whatever they're hungry for just as much as smaller women. No food is inherently unhealthy (except poisonous things!) ... Food isn't moral, and neither is fat. Beyond that, you can tell virtually nothing about what someone eats based on what they look like."

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Image via Instagram/cashmerette

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