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Family Hires Pet Detective to Find Missing Dog

A distraught family has hired a detective with one specific purpose: to find their lost dog. Vino, the 7-year-old Italian mastiff, has been missing for 11 days after escaping from a boarding kennel in Marshville, North Carolina.

Keith Wickersham is the owner of the Wickersham K-9 Ranch, where Vino escaped after someone accidentally left a door open. He has been searching every day since the dog went missing. Wickersham walks the woods and cornfields near his kennel and searches abandoned homes.

"I've been going down paths that seem like something he might take, and as soon as it gets too difficult for me to go down, I say, 'OK, a mastiff's not going down this path anymore,' so I back up and retrace until I find another path off the field," Wickersham told WCNC-TV.

The family boarded Vino while they were on vacation, and they are desperate to find their dog. They are offering a $1,000 reward and have hired a pet detective.

Michelle Wilson, owner of Epic Animals Incorporated, got a hit on Vino's scent with her search dog. She is still searching, with one confirmed sighting on Monday near a farmer's house.

"However, the longer we go without sightings or without any scent, the older the trail becomes, and a little bit harder it is on the search dog," Wilson told WCNC-TV.

Image via the Weston family

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