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Detroit Boy Facing Manslaughter Charge

It's an unthinkable tragedy: An 11-year-old Detroit boy was charged with manslaughter after allegedly killing a 3-year-old boy in an accidental shooting.

As People magazine reports, the older boy was visiting his father's house when he found a handgun in a bedroom closet and threw it out a window into the backyard. He then went to pick the handgun up and took it into a parked car in the backyard, where the 3-year-old child got in the car with him. But the gun accidentally discharged in the younger boy's face, killing him. Initial reports say the two appeared to be playing with the weapon when it fired.

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"I cannot remember a time where we have charged someone so young with taking a life. Very unfortunately and very tragically, the alleged facts in this case demanded it," Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy said in a statement. "The charged respondent here will remain in the Juvenile system, but the case remains under investigation. As a result of that, I will not say more at this time."

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Such tragedy is heartbreaking, but reminds all who own a gun to keep it under lock and key so that incidents like this do not occur.

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