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Can Your Dog Do This?

When a dog wants food, there's nothing he won't do. This dog in particular is so determined to get a bite that he begins to speak. He doesn't start to bark; he starts to speak.

Andrea Diaz-Giovanini was trying to get her 9-month-old Samuel to say "Mama," using food as a lure for her son. He had already been saying "Dada" a lot, and she wanted to hear her name.

Patches, their 10-year-old Australian shepherd dog, was right next to Samuel, obviously hoping to get some food for himself. After repeatedly saying "Mama," Diaz-Giovanini gets a response, just not from Samuel.

Patches began to vocalize, with the sound of "Mama" clearly coming out. As everyone began to laugh, Patches did it again until Samuel waved his hand at the dog, obviously tired of everyone's attention not being focused on him.

Image via YouTube

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