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Have You Ever Heard of a 'Visual' Bucket List?

Steve Myers and his wife are creating a visual bucket list for their daughter. Lizzy, age 5, has Usher Syndrome Type 2, a genetic disorder that causes partial hearing loss and progressive blindness.

Once Lizzy reaches adolescence, she is expected to lose night vision first and then experience tunnel vision. She was diagnosed with Usher Syndrome after her parents got her help for her speech problems.

"If we had not done that, then this would have been hitting us in the face. She would have been losing her night vision, and who knows how bad before we even knew it was happening," Myers told Today.com.

Lizzy's sight is fine for now, so her parents are taking her to see as many sights as they can, like Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. They took a trip to an observatory at night to see the stars, and they want to take her on a fossil dig in the Dakota states. Lizzy is "a bit of a rock hound."

"She's five, so aside from Tinkerbell and 'The Little Mermaid,' there's not a whole lot of suggestions she has of what she wanted to see," Myers told Today.com.

Myers and his wife are waiting as long as possible before telling Lizzy. They don't want her to have to worry, especially if there is good news down the line.

"We are hoping and praying for a cure to this," Myers told Today.com.

In the meantime, they are packing her life with as many memories as they can manage. If she does lose her vision, they want her to be able to remember countless activities and trips from her past.

"I hope she will think back and remember catching lightning bugs with her dad and her little sister. And she seems to like the stars and the moon, so I think that's going to be a big part of her memories, too," Myers told Today.com.

Image: Steve Myers/Today.com

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