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'Bad Mom' Spoof Parodies Taylor Swift Video

Watch out, Taylor Swift! One mom is showing off some bad blood of her own.

Deva Dalporto and her video-parody gang are hitting the cameras again, this time pitting working moms against stay-at-home moms in her latest spoof, "Bad Mom."

You might recognize the tune. Dalporto is once again dipping into pop culture by borrowing the sentiments from Swift's latest hit single, "Bad Blood."

But whereas the pop singer's femme-centric video spotlights young women in a back-stabbing war of body suits as they vie for a coveted metal suitcase, Dalporto singles out the so-called "mommy wars," in which moms tear each other apart because they happen to parent differently.

In the parody video, the stay-at-home moms battle the working moms using everything from vacuums and dustbusters to metal serving spoons and spatulas.

"I don't hate you, but I have to / judge you for what you do," Dalporto as the SAHM raps. "You're off at work / using nannies to replace you."

"And what is it that you do?" retorts the working mom, Lizzie Bermudez. "Sit here on the floor / go shopping at the store / and yet don't start this mommy war."

The moms also touch on everything from formula feeding to crafting to attachment parenting.

"'Cause, Mama, you're just a bad mom / You're on Pinterest all day long," one of the women raps.

"You never craft with your spawn / So, Mama, you're just a bad mom," replies another one.

While the message, complete with CGI flames and all-black ensembles, plays loud and clear, the card at the end of the video cuts through any subtleties by declaring, "Stop the Mommy Wars."

In other words, let's opt for no bad blood, moms.

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