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Office Lets Parents Bring Newborns to Work Every Day

This brings the notion of Take Your Kids to Work Day to a whole new level. A groundbreaking program at the State of Washington Department of Health is offering an unprecedented perk to employees. New parents can bring their infants to work until they turn six months old. That means a new mom can have her baby by her side and continue to breastfeed and bond during office hours.

"We know bonding of infants with their parents during the earliest stages of life can have positive long-term effects," said Secretary of Health John Wiesman said in a statement. "This early bonding is crucial to a baby's healthy brain development, and it's good for Mom, Dad or guardian. We want to make breastfeeding easier and more practical for moms who want and are able to do so, because it improves lifelong health and allows new parents to bring their whole selves to work."

It's an amazing option, to be sure. Finding the right daycare situation is stressful for nearly all new parents. This also eases the transition of going back to work. No need to worry about how your baby is doing if he is right there with you. However, there are some obvious drawbacks to this type of setup. As it is set up right now, there is no separate , onsite daycare. They are within arms reach of parents. I have to wonder if this makes for the most productive work environment?

Already, new moms contend with certain assumptions when they head back to work. Will she be as dedicated? Will she be distracted? Will work have her full attention? Not to mention how this will affect co-workers. Surely, not everyone will appreciate your bundle of joy cooing and crying throughout the day. However, there are some guidelines, such as: a mother must be a permanent employee, the parent has to talk to coworkers about it and they must have a backup daycare option in place for emergencies.

Still, this new policy represents a shift in how the United States (or at least certain businesses) are developing a growing respect for new moms. Recently Netflix announced unlimited maternity leave for moms and dads during the first year of their child's life. On the heels of that decision, Microsoft is offering 12 weeks of 100-percent paid parental leave.

So far, the policy has had positive affects in Washington. New mom Marissa VanHoozer told a FOX affiliate, "It was really funny to see different personalities come out. The people I thought would have the biggest problems with it ended up being the biggest softies."

Would you bring your infant to work if this policy was in place at your job?

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