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The Funny Mom Video Everyone's Eating Up

Eating seems like a pretty intuitive and enjoyable task, right? Not if you're a toddler. Getting kids to eat is probably more impossible than keeping all your socks accounted for on laundry day, especially when 95 percent of the food ends up on the ground, smeared across their shirt (or yours) and stuck up their nose.

A recent viral video "If Moms Ate Like Their Kid" gets it. The hilarious sketch, which has more than a million and a half views on Facebook, shows that parenting with humor is necessary.

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Los Angeles moms Laurel Coppock, Molly Erdman and Megan Grano are the masterminds behind The BreakWomb. The long-time friends, actors and writers started making videos together a year ago and posted their first YouTube video in January.

There's a lot of pressure on today's moms, and The BreakWomb's videos definitely say, "Hey, we're not perfect—we all have kids who are going to lick the toast then throw it on the ground. And that's OK."

"It feels like life continues to get busier and faster, and you have to do more and more for your child to succeed," Grano told Today. "These videos have helped us lighten up about it."

If you're not full on laughs yet, check out "PSA for Moms Who Worry":

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