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From Puppyhood to Old Age in One Photo

We often wish our dogs could live forever, but sadly, they cannot. Massachusetts-based photographer Amanda Jones understands our pain, and her book "Dog Years: Faithful Friends, Then and Now" shows beloved dogs as they age.

The photo series features dogs before and after they age and includes testimonials from their owners. Some dogs look the same, barely showing their age. Other dogs "show the signs quite openly in their eyes, their jowls and their gray hair," Jones told the Daily Mail.

Maddie and Ellie: 7 and 6 years; 14 and 13 years

The photos encompass many different breeds, including dachshunds, labradors and pugs. Jones included her own dog, Lily, in the series, who unfortunately died before Jones completed the book.

Lily: 8 months, 15 years

"Lily was with us for 16 wonderful years. In that time, my husband and I moved across the country and back. We bought a house, had a baby and through it all, dear Lily was there with us — passing the time, being by our sides, joining us in our adventures of life," Jones told the Daily Mail.

Audrey: 3 years, 12 years

Jones wanted to show that love that other owners felt for their dogs. The project spanned 20 years with Jones reuniting with "dogs, couples and families who I had worked with years ago."

Kayden and Brodie: 11 months and 5 years; 7 and 12 years

There wasn't always a happy ending for the featured dogs. Sometimes, they had died of illnesses or gone missing. However, the majority of the dogs had a different story to tell.

Poppy: 1 year, 7 years

"Most are living amazingly long, happy lives in perfect surroundings," Jones told the Daily Mail.

Abigale: 4 months, 8 years

Images: Amanda Jones via Bored Panda

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