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Seattle Police Assist in Roadside Delivery

Seattle police officer Anthony Reynolds pulled over a reckless driver, expecting to deliver a speeding ticket. Instead, he delivered a baby.

Officer Reynolds pursued the speeding car after it ran several red lights. The car pulled over, and the police officer approached. The panicked driver, Abdul Abdashiek, jumped out of the car and started to yell, "She's in labor, man!"

The dashboard camera on the police car caught the entire incident on video. The expectant mother, Maly Yusuf, can be heard crying and screaming, "The baby is coming out!" Reynolds called for an ambulance to take the anxious couple to the hospital, but the baby arrived before it did.

"The couple's baby was determined to beat medics to the scene," Seattle police said in the statement.

Paramedics eventually arrive on the scene to take Abdashiek, Yusuf and their fourth child (pictured above with her dad) to the hospital. The couple named the baby girl Hadaya. They sent a note of thanks to Reynolds, saying, "You have helped deliver a precious gift."

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