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Walmart Refuses to Allow Breastfeeding Photos to Be Printed

A mom in New Hampshire wanted to commemorate her breastfeeding progress in photos so Iris Litteiro hired a professional photographer to capture those special breastfeeding moments. Pleased with the photos, photographer Jennifer Luna took them to Walmart to print. According to Fox News, Walmart refused to print the photos.

Luna told Fox that the Walmart employee said: "You cannot print them here — it's against company policy because you can see nipple.'"

Luna disagreed with the employee's stance. "The nipple is inside the child's mouth; you can see a little bit of areola," she said.

When she asked to speak with a store manager, she was told the photos were inappropriate. The Walmart employee confiscated the photos the photographer had already printed.

"I tried to explain the pictures to him, but he said it didn't matter my reasoning—the pictures were against company policy and that in the future I would have to take my business of this type elsewhere," Luna said.

She went on to have the photos printed at Staples. A local mothers group flooded the Walmart Facebook page with complaints in her defense. Through the Walmart Facebook page, they were told that employees had the right to refuse to print any photos they deemed "obscene and indecent."

Two weeks later, she received an official response from Erin Hofman, a Walmart spokesperson apologizing for the incident.

"There was a newer associate who was operating under misinformation," the spokesperson said. "We do have policies in place that prevent us from printing certain types of photographs, but breastfeeding does not fall under that category."

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