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There's A Beer for Dogs? WTH!

The Heaven After Hell pet rescue event in Indianapolis had something that no other event has had: beer for dogs. Flat 12 Bierwerks launched its first "dog brew" at a local adoption event over the weekend.

The Indianapolis-based brewery wanted to make a special treat for their beloved canine companions. The brew is completely safe for dogs with no alcohol or carbonation.

"I think every employee here owns a dog," Valerie Green, Flat 12's marketing director, told the Indy Star. "We are all very dog-friendly."

The dog beer is made with meat bones, trimmings, carrots, potatoes and brewer's yeast. Smoking Goose, a local meatery, donates the bones and trimmings. The brewers, led by head brewer Sean Manahan, create a stock with the ingredients and let it simmer for three hours before blending it with wort, which is a liquid extracted during the normal beer brewing process. The final product is placed in a keg.

Dogs and humans alike have tasted the dog beer. Humans report that it tastes like a soup broth, and dogs are quick to lap up any bit of the brew that they can.

The Flat 12 team plans to have the dog beer on tap at $1 for a bowl. All proceeds will be donated to local animal shelters.

Image via Indy Star

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