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Dad's Reaction to Son Buying Doll May Surprise You

Photograph by Facebook

How would you feel if your son chose a doll? What would you do?

For California dad Mikki WIllis, there was no hesitance. His 4-year-old son Isaiah received two of the same birthday presents, so they went to the store to exchange one for something else. Isaiah ended up choosing a "Little Mermaid" Ariel doll.

Cue the best reaction from Dad.

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Mikki gave an encouraging message of acceptance in the video.

"I let my boys choose their life," he said. "That's how Momma and I are, we just say, 'whatever.' We say, 'yeah.'"

Isaiah cheered loudly from his seat.

"Choose your expression, choose what you're into, choose your sexuality, choose whatever," Mikki continued. "You have my promise forever to love you and accept you, no matter what life you choose."

The viral Facebook video received over 10 million views since Mikki uploaded it on Facebook.

Many commenters matched the high-pitched happy squeals with positivity.

"You're on the right side of history, Mikki," one commenter said. While another exclaimed, "Well, you have made an old man weep!"

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Big props to Dad, except the "choose the sexuality" part.

"You don't really get to choose your sexuality, do you boys?" one commenter reminded.

Still, Mikki's message was heartwarming. Some even shared their story:

"This is beautiful. I wish my dad, who I love so much and who loves me back, had told me this when I asked for 'girls' toys' at McDonald's and then would hide 'til we drove away. It would've saved me years of self-resentment. This is the kind of unconditional love we need to give others, especially children and ourselves."

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