Gap's New Ad Is Giving Moms All the Feels

by Lisa René LeClair

Photograph by Twenty20

In an attempt to gain new customers (and get some old ones back), Gap has launched an intimate ad campaign for its new collection of comfortable basics, Love by GapBody. Lucky for them, it's paid off in a big way for all the right reasons.

The ad features several women unwinding at home in lingerie and loose-fitting tees, but that’s not why people are talking. Over the weekend, Gap added two more images to their campaign on Instagram that they didn’t share anywhere else.

In the first photo, a woman is seen holding a little boy the way all moms do: strapped to her hip with one tiny hand resting against her chest.

The second photograph, however, is a bit more revealing. It shows the woman sitting down, holding the boy on her lap as he stares blankly past the camera. She is breastfeeding. And, much to Gap’s surprise, commenters are praising them for a job well done.

“Absolutely in love with this campaign! Amazing!!” writes one Gap follower. Another says, “It is so important for us all to contribute and continue supporting each other! We will make a difference and soon enough it will no longer be an issue that mothers are bullied over."

Women have taken to social media to share their support.

The ad was so well received, in fact, that many consumers are promising to "fall into the Gap," even those who have never shopped there before.

“Kudos to the mom and the photographer for capturing this!” writes one woman. “After a long hiatus, I’m coming back to shop with you!”

From the looks of things, there's a good chance she won’t be alone.


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