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Tracee Ellis Ross Remakes Mom Diana Ross' Music Video

As the saying goes: Like mother, like daughter. In this case, the mother is the legendary Diana Ross, and the daughter is the star of ABC's "Black-ish," Tracee Ellis Ross. Earlier this week, 42-year-old Tracee posted a video on her site of a shot-by-shot remake of her mother's 1981 music video for "Work That Body" starring (who else?) herself. And no detail is forgotten, from the the neon '80s leotards, to the "Saved by the Bell"-esque dissolves and amazing aerobics-inspired dance moves.

So why make this video at all? Tracee shares that she decided to create this video as a surprise for her famous mom and as a "fun experiment" for herself. She explains that this music video in particular had a big impact on her growing up and she couldn't pinpoint exactly why until recently.

She explains, "I was watching and thinking: Why does watching this woman dancing around in barely any clothes, with her tush to the camera, make me feel joyful and empowered when the same kind of image in most music videos today doesn't give me that feeling? And then it hit me: My mom felt whole and connected. And in her body in this video ... I saw a woman feeling joyful in herself as a whole being; she didn't seem to be presenting her ass or saying, 'Look at all the ways I can make myself look appealing to YOU.' She seems to be saying, 'This is ME feeling good and I am strong and sexy and joyful in ME!'"

The result of this epiphany was to recreate the video as a tribute to her mother and to experience the joy of her own body. Lucky for us, she decided to share it with the whole world.

Here's the original Diana Ross version:

And Tracee's awesome remake:

You know what they say—imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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Image via Tracee Ellis Ross

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