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Josh Duggar Enters Sex Rehab

One week after Josh Duggar admitted to infidelity and having a porn addiction comes news that he is entering a rehab facility.

In Touch magazine, who broke the story about his molestation scandal, broke news that Josh is entering a "faith-based rehab" for sex addiction. The Duggar family wouldn't say exactly why he was checking into the facility, only to say it's a "long-term treatment center."

"His wrong choices have deeply hurt his precious wife and children and have negatively affected so many others. He has also brought great insult to the values and faith we hold dear," the family said in a statement.

The move comes as Duggar stories continue to flood the news world, many of them critical of the whole family in general, not just Josh.

In its latest cover story, People magazine said that family patriarch Jim Bob "exerts authority over his wife and family."

"Jim Bob's favorite word is 'no.' He's like a dictator," a source said. "He once saw a guy kissing a girl before marriage and confronted him about it. And the guy said, 'Jim Bob, show me that verse in the Bible that says we can't kiss. Get out your Bible.' And Jim Bob was like, 'Uhhhh …' because no one ever confronts Jim Bob. No one ... Jim Bob calls the shots. Always has and always will."

In light of Josh's shocking infidelity and porn admission, which came to light after it was discovered that he he had multiple accounts on AshleyMadison.com, a website that facilitates affairs for married individuals, a source says, "It's hurting everyone involved. Everyone feels betrayed."

In its latest story, In Touch claims that Josh actually cheated on his wife Anna with adult film star Danica Dillon. The porn star spoke to the magazine saying that Josh "got violent" during the two encounters. Josh, she said, had followed her online before arranging to meet her in person and felt it was obvious he had a lot of "dark secrets."

As has been reported, Anna is still choosing to stay with Josh, despite his admission and members of her family insisting she leave him. In fact, People reports, only the Duggars can get through to her.

"The scary thing is, I don't know who is talking to Anna, outside of the people in Duggarville," a source said. "It's scary. I don't know … how she is dealing with this. Aside from Duggarville … no one can get to her."

"[Anna] doesn't get mad. You are not allowed to get mad. It's not godly for a woman," the source said. "Ever since she met [the Duggars] she has acted more like [matriarch] Michelle. She talks like her, really soft. She, like, whispers."

The Duggar family statement included that Anna is also getting counseling for her "heart and future," and they're praying Josh comes to "complete repentance and sincere change."

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