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Would You Name Your Baby After Darth Vader?

The Social Security Administration recently released the top 1000 baby names in the U.S. and there's one major takeaway: Apparently America still has a lot of major "Star Wars" fans. The biggest surprise on the list was the first-time appearance of movie villain Darth Vader's "real" name, Anakin, which has finally landed at number 957. That means 218 parents decided to name their newborn boy Annakin.

Yes, 218.

Anakin isn't the only "Star Wars" name parents are rushing to. Leia has jumped up a few spots on the girls' list to hang out comfortably at No. 509. And we can't forget perennial favorite (admittedly, it was a fave before and after the franchise) Luke, who remains near the top at No. 28. Other fantasy-inspired names to make the list include some strong female characters from "Game of Thrones"—Khaleesi (No. 755) aka Daenerys Targaryen, and Arya (No. 216).

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Traditional names are still tops, though—with Noah, Liam and Mason taking the top boy spots, and Emma, Olivia and Sophia rounding out the top three for the girls. But who knows? In the very near future, your little Noah could have a BFF named Anakin if the Force is strong enough.

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Photograph by: Flickr/The Austinot

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