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Jerry Seinfeld's Sons' Lemonade Stand Shut Down

Jerry's son and a few friends thought they were doing a good deed by setting up a roadside lemonade stand on Strong Island near the the family's home in the pricey Hampton's area of the New York. The local police, though, were a little more sour on the idea and shut them down.

Apparently the lemonade stand was set up last week in an area where the city code prevents any type of peddling. The New York Post said a few neighbors complained about illegally parked cars and alerted authorities to the roadside zest fest.

Before the stand was shut down, the group managed to raise some cash for Baby Buggy, Jessica Seinfeld's clothing charity for families in need.

Jerry's wife poked fun at the newest Hampton's lawbreakers, taking to Instagram to show the group with their hands on their head. A police officer and his patrol car can be seen in the background.

"Lemonade dreams crushed by local neighbor but not before raising lots of money for @loverecycled," Jessica wrote of the image of the Hampton's Most Wanted. "Thanks to all of our customers and big tippers! thanks Xander and Jaden for crushing it today with Julian and Jerry."

One commenter won the Internet with a witty comment in reference to her snap: "What can you do, you live in a seedy town, from the wrong side of the tracks. Lemons are a gateway fruit to bigger and badder things like vegetables."

Let this be a lesson. When life hands you lemons… go to Instagram.

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