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Support for Mom Who Left Baby Strapped in Shopping Cart

After an afternoon of running errands with her four young children, 28-year-old Cherish Peterson realized that she left her 2-month-old son behind at the local mall, strapped in a grocery store shopping cart.

"As I was pulling into the garage, my 3-year-old goes, 'Where is baby Huxton?' I turned around and looked and realized he was gone," Peterson told CBS.

She was quickly reunited with her child, who had been discovered, unharmed, by a police officer.

Although Peterson was not charged with a crime, the news of her mishap spread through social media, where she received a windfall of judgment much worse than she could imagine.

"People went crazy thinking that I should have my child taken out of my home and they should have never given me my baby back and I should be in prison right now," Peterson said. "Nothing they can say can make me feel worse than I did in that moment I turned around and saw my car seat missing."

After the firestorm on social media, police said they would recommend a misdemeanor charge of child endangerment against Peterson. Cherish's husband believes this new charge may be a reaction against pressure from angry Internet commenters.

Despite the harsh comments, more than 16,000 people joined a Facebook group in support of Peterson. The hashtag #IStandWithCherish also trended on Twitter.

"I'm a good mom who made a horrible mistake," Peterson said.

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