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Moviegoer Arrested After Allegedly Dumping Popcorn on Toddler

Photograph by Twenty20

Tensions were high at a PG-13 "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" screening on Long Island, New York—and we're not talking about what was going on between Kylo Ren and Rey. In the audience, a 25-year-old woman reportedly got so peeved at a toddler who was asking for popcorn that she decided to serve the 2-year-old a bucketful of popcorn by dumping it right on the child's head.

Keri Karman and her father, 61-year-old Charles Karman, were arrested on Friday for the January 2 incident and charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Investigators say Charles was arrested because he did nothing to stop the dust-up.

The Karmans were seated next to the Riggs family, which included the mom, dad, three kids and their grandma. The whole thing unfolded when dad Scott Riggs slipped out to use the bathroom during the 2 1/2-hour movie.

According to a Nassau County Police Department incident summary, Keri told 2-year-old Harley to be quiet after the toddler had asked for some popcorn. Harley's mom, Celia Riggs, then "asked the unknown female not to talk to her daughter."

That's when things got even more heated in the AMC Dine-In.

Keri allegedly started to yell and curse and even placed her hand over the toddler's mouth. The moviegoer then stepped around the mom to grab the popcorn, dumped the $8.99 bucket over Harley's head and hit the toddler with the waxed paper container. Keri then fled with her dad through the fire exit while Harley, who ended up having a bruise, burst into tears.

The moviegoer allegedly started to yell and curse and even placed her hand over the toddler's mouth.

"All she said was 'popcorn.' She didn't even say a full sentence," Celia told the New York Post. "No one else complained about her. If she was this screaming monster child, someone else might have said something, and between the adults she was with, someone would have taken her out."

But some people aren't convinced that the Riggs family gave the full story.

"Too bad you didn't hear the real story!! When asked to quiet the kid, the mother pushed Keri and the popcorn went flying," Abby Levitt Ferrara, a friend of Keri's, wrote on Facebook to the New York Post. "Keri never raised a hand in any way ... There is not an aggressive bone in Keri's body."

Anne Marie Campbell also commented that she didn't know Keri but reached out to her on Facebook.

"There seems to be a lot more to this story," Campbell wrote. "(Keri) took the time to email me back and was adamant that she at no time assaulted the child. She said the grandmother pushed her as she was leaving the (vicinity). There was a struggle between the adults which is why she left."

Celia denied she ever pushed Keri, and the Karmans couldn't be reached for comment by the New York Post and the Washington Post.

Look, we get that talking can ruin the whole experience during a much-awaited release. Not to mention, movie tickets aren't cheap. Debates rage on about whether parents should bring toddlers to the movies in the first place. But regardless of what happened, let's stick to a lesson we learned when we were toddlers: Keep your hands to yourself.

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