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How Would You Describe Your Job to a 5-Year-Old?

Whether you're a zookeeper, a retail management specialist or one of my favorites — a dolly grip or best boy, at some point you're going to have to describe your job to a child. And sometimes that child is your own.

While you struggle for the appropriate (and appropriate number of) words to elucidate exactly what it is you do for roughly eight hours a day, five days a week, that child is usually looking up at you with wide-eyed amazement.

Unless of course your job-description struggle is a little too real (am I right, Ms. Applications Support Programmer?), and the kid is just scratching her head, waiting for you to stop talking so she can find someone who has more concise verbal management skills.

Now imagine Twitter is that child.

One of this morning's trending hashtags is #DescribeMyJobToA5YearOld, and some of the tweets are hilarious, some of the tweets are adorable, and some of the tweets are just weird. (Let's be honest, it is Twitter we're talking about.)

Here's a fun selection. Feel free to leave a comment — or tweet us at @momdotme — with yours!

Oh, and mine? Check it out here.

Even brands got in on the hashtag action:

Image via Twitter

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