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Mom Cited for Breastfeeding While Driving

A woman in Everett, Washington, has been cited for breastfeeding her 1-year-old while driving. Yes, driving.

According to Washington State Patrol Trooper Mark Francis, a concerned citizen called 911 after seeing the woman driving with a baby on her lap on the highway. When a state trooper pulled her over they discovered that the 44-year-old mother was breastfeeding her child. She explained that the child had been screaming nonstop in the back and also admitted to having been stopped previously for nursing and driving.

Clearly the lesson didn't stick the first time around.

The woman was issued a $165 fine for not properly restraining her child in a vehicle and drove off after the trooper helped her put the child back in its car seat.

Afterwards, Francis took to social media to tweet his disbelief:

While all moms understand the awfulness of listening to a baby scream on end in the back seat, that's no excuse for compromising a child's safety. At the very least, she should have pulled over.

Do you agree?

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Photography by: Twenty20/PhildeMarseille

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