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Hillary Clinton's Private Email Reveals Surprising Guilty Pleasure

Hillary Clinton received more bad news this week. A new poll showed that the presidential candidate's popularity is at an all-time low.

Only 45 percent of Americans have a positive perception of the former Secretary of State. That's down 7 percent from just a month ago. The continuing email scandal certainly hasn't helped her public image. The State Department recently released more of her messages — 4,368 documents to be exact. The question as to whether she broke the law by discussing classified information on her private account is still up for debate, but the latest batch did expose some other interesting tidbits.

Life so many of us, she clicks on the TV for a little relaxing downtime. Among her favorite shows? The now canceled "Parks and Recreation" and, more interestingly, "The Good Wife." The irony of that particular series certainly isn't lost on anyone who knows the plot of that drama—it centers around the loyal wife of a politician caught in a sex scandal.

That's not all we learned about the would-be president. The documents also revealed how she likes her tea (with skim milk) and that she is tech-challenged (she requested that a communication aide give her an iPad tutorial). It was also revealed that 125 of those emails sent via her private server were considered classified by the State Department and were heavily edited before being posted online.

To date, nearly 7,000 emails have been released, which only account for 25 percent of the total. No doubt there are more fun facts to come.

What do you think about Clinton's email debacle?

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