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These Protesters Will Hate Themselves Someday

Oh, small-town middle America, you're embarrassing yourself.

Nearly 200 high school students walked out of class in protest yesterday at Hillsboro High School in Hillsboro, Missouri. Their grievance? They didn't like that Lila Perry would be using the girl's bathroom.

The students—and their grammatically challenged parents—said their action was to support "girl's right's [sic]," because Lila, 17, is transgender.

Perry, who started identifying as female last year, had been changing in the girls' locker room for gym class, leaving some of the girls at Hillsboro upset. She was granted the right this year to continue using the locker room and also the girls' bathroom. Last year, she had used the staff restroom, which is unisex. The senior told Fox News that this year she wanted to use the girls' bathroom, which school administrators agreed to.

Her response to those who object? "I'm just in there to change, do my business, and ... if they have any questions about being transgender, they are more than welcome to talk to me, and I'll be happy to explain it," she said.

One student, Sophie Beel, said Perry hadn't transitioned enough to qualify for a bathroom stall next to hers. "I find it offensive because Lila has not went through any procedure to become female," she told Fox2. "Putting on a dress and putting on a wig is not transgender to me."

Perry said the school administration has been supportive, though likely because of legal concerns.

"The Office of Civil Rights has issued an opinion that says, if you do this, you have engaged in gender discrimination," Kelli Hopkins, of the Missouri School Boards' Association, said. "At the same time, there is no case law or statute in Missouri that says this is against the law."

So the Caitlyn effect hasn't reached everyone. But it will. And that's when Sophie Beel's kids will be all, "God, Mom, what was your problem?"

Photograph by: KMOV

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