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Anderson Cooper's Dog Dies

Anderson Cooper lost his best friend today, when Molly, his Welsh springer spaniel, passed away. Cooper shared the news on Instagram, posting a photo of himself snuggling with Molly.

The photo caption read, "An old picture of my sweet dog Molly, who passed away today."

Cooper talked about Molly during a "60 Minutes" special, "Does Your Dog Really Love You?" The special was about dog intelligence, and Cooper was convinced that Molly knew exactly what she was doing to manipulate Cooper into giving her what she wants.

"I've always wondered if my dog is scamming me," Cooper said. "Do they really love us or do they just know, 'OK, if I lick their hand, they're gonna give me food.' Or, 'If I wag my tail, and if I look at them a certain way and I cock my head, that seems to work with this person.'"

Molly is sure to be deeply missed. Cooper has lots of love for dogs, and it's obvious that his bond with Molly ran deep.

Images via Instagram

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