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EMT Mom Has a Car Seat Tip That Could Save Lives

Photograph by Twenty20

You've pored over the car seat guidelines and tutorials, researched the best models for your child and triple-checked the installation. But before you get in the car with your baby, Kaitlyn Lawson (a mom and emergency medical technician from Anderson, Indiana) is asking parents to do one more quick thing that could possibly save lives.

While no one wants or expects to be in a car accident, motor vehicle injuries are a leading cause of death among children in the U.S. (many of which could have been prevented by following car seat rules). All it takes is a dangerously icy road or an inattentive driver to cause a life-threatening situation. Parents can prepare for worst-case scenarios and keep their children safer by speeding up the rescue and recovery process.

"Way too often do firefighters come upon a car wreck with child(ren) in the car who are too young to have any info and parents are unconscious," Lawson wrote on Facebook.

To help emergency personnel, take a few minutes to write out your child's name, DOB, the parents' names, DOB, your pediatrician's information and emergency contacts, as well as any health issues, medications or allergies that rescue teams should be aware of. Then, stick it on the side of your child's car seat where it's visible. Any details given can be helpful to make sure your child gets the right treatment as quickly as possible and that your family's emergency contacts are called immediately.

Photograph by Facebook

Lawson's tip was so invaluable, it went viral. The Rose City Area Fire Department in Michigan reposted the advice on Facebook, and mom Alexis Copas shared the idea on Twitter over the weekend, where it has since been retweeted more than 6,000 times.

Photograph by Twitter

This is one to put at the top of your to-do list. It'll just take a few minutes and could potentially save so much more time when you need it the most.

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