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School Switches to Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

Some folks in Hillsboro, Missouri, may want to look away. An elementary school in San Francisco decided this school year to make some of the bathrooms gender-neutral.

The school, which received support from the area community, made the change to support eight students who are transgender or do not identify with traditional gender norms, the "Today" show reports.

In contrast, some high school students and their parents in Hillsboro, Missouri, formed picket lines protesting Lila Perry, a senior transgender student who said she no longer wanted to tolerate her school's separate-but-equal accommodations. Perry, 17, had been using the teacher bathroom, which is not designated by gender. This year, she said she wants to use the girls' bathroom—and school administration said that she was within her rights to do so.

Miraloma Elementary, the San Francisco school, only changed the bathrooms for the kindergarten and first grade, where students go in one at a time. The rest of the bathrooms, which have several stalls, will remain designated by gender for the time being.

Courts have ruled recently against discrimination against gender non-conforming children and adults. The White House recently designated some bathroom facilities gender-neutral.

Photograph: the "Today" show

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