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Teen Fakes Triplet Pregnancy

Some things just leave us scratching our heads and fake pregnancies are one of them. So when a teen girl was recently caught faking not just a pregnancy, but a triplet pregnancy at that, we were left dumbfounded.

The 16-year-old Michigan native's ruse was brought to the the attention of the police by her own parents. Detective Richard Weise tells USA Today, "The daughter's story wasn't adding up and they tried to get her to the hospital to confirm whether she was pregnant or not." When the girl refused to go, the parents got suspicious and decided to get the police involved.

The girl had been using fake pregnancy bellies and fake sonograms that she purchased off the site FakeaBaby.com (yes, that's a real site!) to trick her boyfriend, family and friends into thinking she was expecting triplets for almost 10 months. Despite the shock, her community stepped in and gifts began pouring in. She joined a Facebook page called "Moms of Triplets" and her family even threw a baby shower for her last May.

Her boyfriend Jordan tells FOX 2 that while he was shocked by the pregnancy announcement at first, he became "excited" and started looking for a better job. His mom was the first to suspect that something might be off when she realized her son was never allowed to go to the doctor with his girlfriend. The girl also kept telling her a "story about micro preemies and how her doctor thought time would be better in [her womb] than time in the incubator."

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Eventually it was a fellow member of the "Moms of Triplets" Facebook group that recognized that the ultrasounds the girl had been posting were fake and contacted the family. Yet the lies continued to the bitter end. The day before her supposed scheduled C-section, the girl claimed she lost the babies but refused to seek medical attention. And that's when the authorities stepped in.

The girl eventually cracked and confessed that she had lost the babies at six weeks, although that has yet to verified and police are still investigating this matter.

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Photography by: Twenty20/fairelamour

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