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Elementary School Posts Controversial Sleep Schedule

When it comes to sleep, it seems we could all use a little more of it—adults and kids alike.

So when an elementary school teacher in Wisconsin posted a sleep chart titled "At What Time Should Your Child Go to Bed?" to Facebook, you'd think that parents all over the state and beyond would breathe a huge sigh of relief and say, "Yes! Why haven't we seen one of these sooner?"

Despite the chart going viral (it's been shared more than 434,300 times on Facebook), parents are not particularly on board for the suggestions made by kindergarten–first-grade teacher Stacy Karlsen of Wilson Elementary School.

In fact, many are calling the graphic downright unrealistic.

The chart posts a grid of sleeping times for kids ages 5–12 based on when they have to wake up in the morning.

For example, if your 7-year-old wakes up at 6:30 a.m., then she should go to sleep at 7:30 p.m. And if your 5-year-old kindergartner needs to hit pause on his dream cycle at 6 a.m., then he should be hitting the pillows by 6:45 p.m. each school night.

Yes, 6:45 p.m.

While some parents are applauding Ms. Karlsen for offering up a set of guidelines broken down into 15-minute increments, other parents are saying that the chart doesn't take into account activities that happen on any given night—things like homework, after-school sports and piano practice, not to mention dinner, and the fact that many parents work and don't get home until the time kids should be going to sleep, at least according to the graphic.

"Well, it's good thing my wife gave birth to a robot so I could use this helpful guide," Teancum Clark posted in the comments section.

However, Laura Harker Rowley agrees with the times.

"This is right on for what I have already discovered when my kids need to go to bed," Rowley writes in the comments section. "Great guidelines," she adds.

Experts such as Heather Turgeon, a mom.me contributor and author of "The Happy Sleeper," agree that parents need to take into account their particular situation but also say that activities need to be reconsidered if kids aren't getting enough sleep.

"A child's sleep and wake up schedule depends on a lot of factors: homework, activities, what time parents get home from work, what time the child has to wake up for school," Turgeon writes in the post's comments section. "It's a puzzle, but sleep should be a priority. If your child needs to be woken up in the morning, it's time to pare down on activities or shift the schedule earlier."

But enough about the kids—where's the chart for adults?

Image via Twenty20/twinshenanigans

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