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Teens Now Vaping Marijuana in Record Numbers

In 2014 the word vape was added to the Oxford dictionary after smoking e-cigarettes became trendy. Just a year later, studies have proven that teens are jumping on the trend by using e-cigarettes to 'smoke' marijuana.

A study conducted by researchers at Yale University showed that teens have created ways to transform e-cigarettes into high tech bongs for cannabis products.

According to ABC News, after surveying 3, 847 Connecticut high school students about their drug and e-cigarette use, researchers found that students were using e-cigarettes to smoke cannabis more than 27 times the rate of adults.

Of the 30 percent of students who said they had tried marijuana or hashish, 18 percent had used an e-cigarette to "vape" the drug.

"The rates were a little bit surprising, especially in a state where it's illegal to sell e-cigarettes to kids," said lead author Meghan Morean, an assistant professor of psychology at Oberlin College in Ohio and adjunct assistant professor of psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine. "They're using them at pretty considerable rates."

While marketing campaigns and e-cigarette users often express that vaping is safer than smoking there have been no scientific studies to back their claims. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration officials have said they plan to regulate electronic cigarettes but have yet to announce regulations for the products which may explain the mixed feelings of professionals in the scientific community.

Addiction specialist Dr. Christina Delos Reyes, the program director for Addiction Psychiatry at University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland said, "I will say it's extremely concerning to me as an addiction psychiatrist. I have had my own patients tell me they're doing this."

Photography via: Tumblr

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