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Mom Parodies The Weeknd in Hilarious Back-to-School Video

Our kids are finally back in school after weeks of arts, crafts, camp and anticipating whatever fun activity we're going to do with them.

Jessi Sanfilippo, who runs mom-blog Shuggilippo in Los Angeles, tackles that elation-mixed-with-mild-heartbreak in her new parody "Can't Get Some Peace," inspired by The Weeknd's "Can't Feel My Face."

And we totally feel her.

After all, while we're happy to have the house back to ourselves for things like reality TV viewing and Twinkie bingeing (both covered in the video), we have reserved a single tear for our children getting just a little bit older over the two to three months of summer.

Sanfilippo's hilarious video features the vocal chops of Amy Bellgardt, who heads up the blog Mom Spark, and takes on lunch-making, morning drop-off, hanging out sans undergarments, as well as needing a little reassurance from your child's teddy bear. (Yeah, we know that happens.)

"Lunches will be the death of me / 'cause I can't make this fun," the song goes as Sanfilippo tries shaping a sandwich with a cookie cutter.

But, she says, kids still know you care.

"Friends told me don't worry about it / Kids know that you miss them when they're gone / We both know they'll have fun without us / Better start to soak up time alone."

Check out the #momlife parody below:

Image via YouTube

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