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Baby Koala Grows Up in Adorable Video

Imogen is a koala joey who has been hand-raised by staff at the Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia. The cutie has been cared for by zoo curator Kylie Elliott and general manager Matt Radnidge.

Imogen's mom, Kelly, allowed Kylie and Matt to adopt and hand-raise Imogen. Kelly was caring for a 20-week-old joey, Harry, whose own mom had died from leukemia. Imogen was older and stronger, so she was in a better position to be in human hands.

Image via Facebook

As adorable as Imogen is, Kylie and Matt say that it's not all fun and rainbows. She keeps them up at night, "running around the bed, getting into mischief and biting their hands."

Image via Facebook

With a face like hers, they can't stay mad for long, right? Imogen is simply too cute for words.

Image via Facebook

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