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The Happiest Parents Have This Many Kids

So what's the perfect number of kids to have? While that's a personal decision for every family, we've all seen the headlines touting or decrying a certain number of kids. Apparently having three kids makes parents the most stressed, while only children grow up lonely. Then there's the stigma many people think they'll face if they have more than two kids (especially if you already have a girl and a boy)—like you're one of those families. Well, a new study out of Australia's Edith Cowan University is turning all these conventions on their heads with the conclusion that parents with four or more kids are the happiest.

Researchers spent five years conducting interviews with hundreds of parents from various family types about resilience, social support, self-esteem and life satisfaction, and found that parents with large families expressed the highest ratings in each of those areas. Dr. Bronwyn Harman, one of the researchers on this study, tells the Sydney Morning Herald, that while large families often deal with added expenses and rude questions like, "Are they all yours?," most of the families planned to have four or more kids "and it was a lifestyle they'd chosen." Therefore they "accept that there is chaos in their lives but it does not negate the happiness they get from their families."

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The kids of such large families have it better too as they almost always have a playmate and are hardly bored. As Dr. Harman puts it, "They have social support within the family." And while all of that sounds nice in theory, the reality of having so many kids seems unfeasible for many of us due to finances or a lack of family support nearby.

What do you think? Does that make you have second thoughts about how many kids you want to have?

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Photograph by: Twenty20/darby

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