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Newborn Baby and Pups Born On the Same Day

As Kani Denlay went to the hospital to give birth her second son Brydon, she received a phone call that made her smile. Her dad relayed the news that her pregnant dog Delia was also giving birth to nine pups at the same time.

"I was induced one hour before she started having her pups, but she actually finished having all of hers three hours before I gave birth to Brydon," Kami told ABC News.

Kami's son Brydon will share a birthday with Delia's brood, nine black-haired golden doodles. The Chico, California parents celebrated their family's unusual expansion with a professional photo shoot and the adorable images have gone viral.

"Delia [the family's golden doodle) was due to have her puppies two days before my date for induction, but she ended up going late," Kami Denlay told ABC News.

The Denlay family in Chico, California who also have a one-year-old daughter, Brielle plan to keep one of the nine pups so that Brydon can grow up with his fur sibling.

"I'm hoping that each year when we do his birthday photo shoots with Teresa we will make the little pup a part of the photos, too," Kami said. "It will be so fun to document their lives together."

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