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YAAAS! These Peejamas Are a Potty-Training Dream Come True

Photograph by Peejamas

Craig Hammond was so frustrated with the nighttime setbacks of potty training his 3-year-old that he decided to take matters into his own hands. The dad of three didn't want to put his toddler in a pull-up or overnight diaper, believing it would be a crutch for his son and would prolong potty training. But Hammond also wasn't keen on letting the little guy go diaper-less, in case he did pee. Then, he and his wife would have to deal with gross wet sheets and interrupted sleep. Again. And again. And again.

So, the dad created the perfect solution: Peejamas. Not only do we love this idea because we love a good pun, but also because the product makes so much sense.


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Kids won't think they're diapers, even though Peejamas' fabrics can capture and contain 10 times their weight in liquid. That means no more late-night bed stripping and endless laundry (parents already have enough laundry to wash!). The pajamas' rewashable, plush fabrics are even made with materials safe for children and can be washed more than 300 times before they lose their absorbency. Plus, they're so cute and stylish, kids will probably want to wear them even after potty training is over.

One of Peejamas' biggest draws has been the potential to save money. At about $35 a set, the company says Peejamas are 66 percent cheaper than buying pull-ups and diapers (seriously, those things can cost a fortune!) and 75 percent cheaper than buying diapers and pajamas.


The moment we've all been waiting for..... Peejamas is LIVE on Kickstarter! We are so excited to get this to market and share our Peejamas with all of you. If you're sick of expensive and wasteful Pull-ups, please check out our campaign, pledge your support and join team Peejamas. Link in profile! * * * * #kickstarter #launched #startupgrind #sustainablefashion #sustainableliving #ecofashion #parentinghacks #momlifebelike #parentinglife #dadlife #parentingtips #kidfashion #toddlerfashion #sleeptight #pajamas #pajamaset #nodiapers #totsofig #pottytraining #pottytrainingtime #pottytraining101 #sleeptraining

Parents love the idea so much, the Kickstarter has far surpassed its goal with still 11 days to go. Available sizes run from 2T to 7T and will start shipping in July.

Kickstarter's the only way to get your hands on these right now. So, if you're gearing up for the potty-training journey, or are so glad to be done with this stage but still know a mama who could use a pair of Peejamas, don't let this dreamy answer go to waste. (Literally, your nights can be once again filled with all the uninterrupted dreams of solo Target runs and dinner magically made.)


Twinner jammies??? Yes, please!

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