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Justice Department Ruling on Clinton Email Scandal May Be Too Little Too Late

Hillary Clinton has new reason to celebrate this week. The Justice Department has come out in support of the former secretary of state, stating in court papers that she was allowed to use a personal email account to check messages after she left the office. It also asserted that she had every right to delete personal emails without agency supervision.

These are the issues at the heart of the scandal that has plagued her candidacy from its start. Her opponents believe she improperly handled classified information, which potentially put the nation's security at risk.

Though for months she maintained that she did nothing outside of State Department rules, Clinton recently apologized for use of a personal email server. "That was a mistake," she said. "I'm sorry about that. I take responsibility." So this show of is a much-appreciated development for the Clinton camp, to be sure. Still we have to wonder, is it enough? So much damage has already been done.

One of the biggest issues dogging her White House run has been the public's perception as people wonder if she is trustworthy? Does she make smart decisions that keep the country safe? These issues may be the reason Bernie Sanders has garnered so much support and why many democrats are calling for Vice President Joe Biden to enter the race. But while it's unclear if the Justice Department ruling can turn things around for Clinton, it certainly can't hurt.

Do you think Hillary has lost the trust of voters?

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