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This Mother's Worst Nightmare Came True

A protective mother has lost her son after making a decision that will probably haunt her for the rest of her life. Tyjuan Poindexter's friends used to tease him about his mom's "mama bear" tendencies. However, the night that her 14-year-old son begged his mom, Michelle, to let him go out with his friends and she finally relented was one that ended in tragedy.

Tyjuan went out with his friends to play basketball. On their way to the court, a vehicle drove by and shots started firing from the car. Tyjuan was shot in the head. He died in a neighborhood driveway in the South Side, Chicago.

There were at least three other boys with Tyjuan at the time of the shooting. One was shot twice in the leg. Authorities say that none of the boys had any known gang affiliates.

Poindexter is understandably devastated by the loss of her son. She wasn't originally going to let Tyjuan go out unsupervised, but she eventually agreed and asked him to come home early. She also says that there's no way her young son could have been involved in a gang.

"He loved everybody," Poindexter told the Chicago Tribune. "Every time when I'm down, he says, 'Hey, Mom, what can I do?'"

Poindexter spent hours pacing at the crime scene. She walked continuously for hours, going near the crime scene tape, trying to keep herself together. But what mother could, under such circumstances? The police stopped Poindexter when she tried to cross the tape to where her son was.

"They didn't want me to break down there," Poindexter told the Chicago Tribune. "But I had no choice."

Image: Michelle Poindexter via Chicago Tribune

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