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Girl Posts Video for the Best Reason Ever

An 8-year-old Washington state girl is making her final push to get donations to a fundraising organization that has agreed to match all gifts in an effort to bring relief to Syrian refugees.

And she's pretty good at raising funds. Charlotte Tristan has been stumping for donations for quite a while now, having built a YouTube channel to get word out about all her campaigns. Her videos have raised more than $10,000 to go toward not just relief for Syrians but other causes, usually involving children.

Her mother says Charlotte first develop a passion for trying to make a difference when she was 5, after her family sponsored a girl overseas. She realized her connection to the world, developed a strong sense of empathy, and hasn't stopped trying to make things better since. She started a YouTube channel with all her fundraising videos, an effort to reach beyond her own community in Bothell, Wash. Her videos are even better than these other genius fundraisers ideas out there.

Also, Charlotte's pretty convincing:

There are just a few days left to take part in Charlotte's drive to get matching funds through Worldbuilders Syrian refugee fundraiser.

Photos: USA Today

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